About us

RAPOOL - The origin of rapeseed success in Europe. The RAPOOL-RING is a cooperation of the three medium-sized German plant breeders Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg-Lembke KG, Deutsche Saatveredelung AG and W. von Borries-Eckendorf GmbH & Co KG, which has existed for mainly 50 years.

Competence - with rapeseed expertise for over 100 years
The first breeding programmes within RAPOOL began 120 years ago. This is the cradle of European rape breeding. With the many years of experience of the breeding companies, the large number of experienced specialists and a special genetic diversity that is second to none, RAPOOL realises large systematic breeding programmes.

Breeding - Largest rapeseed breeding network in Europe

RAPOOL has the largest rapeseed breeding network in Europe. At over 180 locations and in over 100,000 plots, varietal performance and suitability for cultivation are constantly checked and further optimised. The broad wealth of experience and the view to the future enables RAPOOL to breed varieties today with maximum performance and special suitability for the requirements of tomorrow.

Innovation - milestones in rapeseed cultivation

The history of RAPOOL is a success story. Since the company was founded, groundbreaking milestones have been set. These include, for example, the introduction of 0 and 00 grades, MSL hybrid varieties and the world's first clubroot resistant oilseed rape variety. RAPOOL varieties have changed rapeseed cultivation significantly.

RAPOOL hybrid varieties - More than just yield

First introduced as late-seed specialists, RAPOOL hybrid varieties are now the answer to current cultivation requirements such as reduced tillage, reduced fertilisation and crop protection methods, harvest and sowing time flexibility and increasingly extreme weather. RAPOOL offers a comprehensive portfolio of approved and extensively tested varieties for all locations. The evaluation of various test cultivations and a constant exchange with advisors and farmers additionally enable successful cultivation advice and thus the establishment of the variety in practice with maximum yield security.

Quality - complete seed production from a single source

Research, breeding, seed production, seed treatment technology and sales are all in one hand at RAPOOL. RAPOOL offers quality oilseed rape with 100% germination, optimal seed treatment and fast delivery. RAPOOL sets itself the highest standards for product quality according to German standards and consistently implements them.

Advice - practice-oriented and in partnership

Whether it is seed, farm-specific crop management or production technology - RAPOOL knows the answer so that the farmer has more success with rapeseed. RAPOOL offers comprehensive advisory concepts for the farmer. In addition to comprehensive and competent practice-oriented advice on site, this also includes information at field days and specialist events. RAPOOL is at the farmer's disposal.

RAPOOL. We know rapeseed.