Innovation through breeding

It is not by chance that RAPOOL has become one of the largest oilseed rape producers. More than 15% of our turnover is reinvested into research and breeding.

Breeding objectives for oilseed rape
 Breeding objectives for oilseed rape
We do the small things very well
Rapeseed from RAPOOL stands for excellence in breeding. Genetic improvements have facilitated great advances in yield performance, disease resistances and stress tolerance, as well as high quality oil and meal. 

Innovation is a tradition at RAPOOL. The first breeding programs were started more than a century ago. This was the dawn of rapeseed breeding. RAPOOL has been able to implement large systematic breeding programs thanks to many years' experience of the breeding companies, as well as their numerous accomplished specialists. The genetic diversity that RAPOOL can call upon is unrivalled. All the significant innovations in rapeseed cultivation were introduced by RAPOOL - from 00-rapeseed via hybrids to specialty varieties, and proprietary seed treatment technology. This comprehensive know-how has made RAPOOL a global leader in rapeseed breeding and seed technology.


Breeding for the Future
In order to promote breeding advances at the highest level, we have a range of active partners from all around the world. Today, this wealth of experience coupled with an eye on the future has enabled RAPOOL to grow top performing varieties that not only meet today's requirements, but those of tomorrow and beyond.