Figures, Data and Facts

RAPOOL at a glance.

Oilseed rape breeding
 Oilseed rape breeding

3                      German plant-breeding enterprises are partners in RAPOOL

13                    Breeding stations for winter and spring rapeseed in Europe

16                    Sales activities in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
                        Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania,
                        Latvia, Estonia, Morocco, Tunisia and Mongolia

100                   Approved and recommended winter and spring rapeseed varieties
                         in the market 

150                   Professional consultants offering local support

180                   Testing locations for winter and spring rapeseed in Europe

300                   Hectares of rapeseed nurseries and yield trials

200.000            Rapeseed plots for performance testing worldwide

2.500.000         Hectares of land for rapeseed cultivation with RAPOOL varieties in Europe