Strong Partners for Oilseed Rape

Strong plant breeding businesses joined over 40 years ago to establish RAPOOL-RING Ltd.

The origins of the oilseed rape success in Europe

Rapool rape blossom
The German enterprises behind RAPOOL are mid-sized, non-listed private sector plant breeding companies. Together they can call on many years of extensive experience with oilseed rape: a one-stop solution for research, breeding, seed production, seed treatment, distribution and cultivation consultancy.
The success of RAPOOL has grown as a result of hard work, persistency and a forward-looking approach to cultivation. The yield, resistance, and the quality of the rapeseed varieties for cooking oil, bio-diesel, and animal feed are some of the milestones of our work.
Other strengths of RAPOOL include the high levels of expertise and experience of our staff, and also the work we do in an honorary capacity to promote the cultivation of oilseed rape.
The secret of our success has been verifiable plant performance with top quality seeds, combined with our personal presence in the market, as well as a continuing willingness to invest in the long-term.
The particular ability of the RAPOOL enterprises for cooperation, their own connection to agriculture, and their level of personal commitment have created something unique: A strong alliance of breeders who have gained the trust of the agricultural sector. And this is something we will continue to build on in the future with all our passion. Your trust is the recognition and endorsement that we value highest.

The RAPOOL-Ring GmbH - Qualitätsraps deutscher Züchter - is a strong alliance of three German rapeseed breeders:


 Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg-Lembke KG


DSV - Deutsche Saatveredelung AG

W. von Borries-Eckendorf GmbH & Co. KG