BlackGrain: Breakthrough for rapeseed protein in human nutrition?

Avena Nordic Grain, part of Finnish food industry group Apetit, has developed a new, sustainable, plant-protein-fibre ingredient: BlackGrain from Yellow Fields. Since 2017 they were working on the new rapeseed-based protein and fibre powder, which is made from seed expellers by a patent-protected process. With this the company wants to bring a new vegetable protein to the market which was inaccessible before. BlackGrain is a three-in-one combination of plant protein (33-43 %), dietary fibre (33-43 %) and encapsulated rapeseed oil (14,22 %). Additionally, it consists of the full range of essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and delivers minerals like calcium and magnesium. The novel food proposal will now move forward to the European Commission, which is expected to make its decision regarding the authorization by the beginning of 2021.