Will Ukraine lose the leading position for EU imports?

Ukrainian rapeseed production slips into new difficulties after a couple of profitable years. Based on a sharp drop in the rapeseed planted area and additionally high production risks Ukraine could even lose its position as largest exporter of rapeseed to the EU in the 2021-22 marketing year. Just 880.000 hectares had been sowed with rapeseed for harvest 2021 (- 27 % vs. last year). The main reasons for reduced acreage were unfavorable weather conditions and low yields in 2020. Additionally, rapeseed prices did not follow so much the global price rallies: while rapeseed just grow up with 6 % till end of November, wheat became more expensive with 37 % in the same period. Based on current concerns regarding the quality of the fields, production estimations ranging from only 1,7 Mill. tons up to 2,1 Mill. tons. That means Ukrainian export is expected to drop down again in 2021/2022, which will bring the European rapeseed market under pressure, as usually Ukraine fulfills half of the European import demand.