Treatment technology

The third block of the new RAPOOL-Seed Power concept is the treatment technology. RAPOOL’s own seed treatment technology team is constantly and extensively testing current and future seed treatment products. Testing begins with the development of formulation besides the evaluation of early plant and root growth in laboratory and greenhouse, going as far as agronomic performance in an European testing network in multi-site field trials. 

Treatment technology trials of RAPOOL

Best quality and performance in the treatment can only be achieved through intensive research and development work in addition to subsequent professional/industrial plant engineering and delivery logistics. Every year, an in-house team of seed treatment experts collects more than 20.000 data points in field trials to ensure the best formula and the best quality of seed treatment. With state-of-the-art, certified treatment facilities, RAPOOL can guarantee this high treatment quality, certified according to ESTA Standard (European Seed Treatment Assurance), for all customers in Europe alike. The wide range of solutions for our customers includes powerful fungicidal active ingredients to defend against emergence diseases such as Alternaria, Rhizoctonia, Phoma or downy mildew. We also have been observing new kind of biostimulants in our trials, which are not uninteresting for successful canola cultivation as they seem to improve growth promotion. Furthermore, insecticidal active ingredients are also being tested to reduce feeding damage by various species like Cabbage stem flea beetle, Turnip Sawfly or Cabbage root fly.