Competence is the second building block of RAPOOL-Seed Power based on a high genetic diversity resulting from our independently running breeding programs. This genetic diversity makes possible to continually breed new top hybrids that differentiate themselves from other varieties through not only Rapeseed testing plants yield, but also quality characteristics such as oil and protein content. Our new hybrids are constantly subjected to a wide variety of tests putting the performance of the varieties repeatedly under review.

Rapeseed testing plants

In addition, a widespread post-control cultivation supports the internal control of all delivered seed lots and simultaneously provides the basis for a successful rapeseed cultivation. The combination of our extensive experience in seed production and our direct internal control system has enabled RAPOOL to create comprehensive multiplication expertise for the best seed. In addition to homogeneity and possible impurity, elaborate counts are carried out in post-control cultivation during flowering to confirm the hybrid content (hybridity).

Further to the top genetics’ comprehensive advice from our competent and experienced field staff is part of RAPOOL’s offer. Extensive technical production trials under practical conditions lead to the best possible variety recommendation, e.g., when questioning suitable soil cultivation, sowing time, harvest date or N-fertilization level. Continuous investments in modern processing facilities, treatment technology and storage capacities improve our service offering, because only a reliable “just in time” delivery capability enables the optimum sowing time.