The first building block of RAPOOL-Seed Power, “Genetic”, is the sum of more than 100 years of breeding experience, from which new top hybrids are grown year after year. RAPOOL has the largest rapeseed breeding network in Europe. More than 150 professional consultants work in “cultivation advice”. In more than 180 locations and in over 200.000 plots, variety performance and suitability for cultivation are constantly reviewed and further optimized. Currently the focus of breeding is set on the development of disease resistances.


Within breeding, we also talk about so called “traits” for better disease resistance. The further development of existing resistances for better resistance management in the sense of integrated crop protection is yet another focus. To this end, the company’s own biotech laboratories are continuously working on establishing new resistance markers, which are tested in extensive bioassays. In addition, breeding is concerned with future climate changes to recognize the resulting vital adjustments within the gene pool at earliest stage possible.

The wide-range experience and always looking ahead of time enables RAPOOL to breed varieties with maximum performance and specific suitability for tomorrow’s requirements already today. Currently, we see the breeding success of drought stress tolerant hybrids in practice, a development that started more than 10 years ago.