With “quality” we mean transparent selfresponsible production with long-standing partners at home as well as abroad. It enables a conscientious traceability of each seed lot. Quality starts with the selection of the multiplication area via our own field inspections and official field controls. During these on-site controls, weeds that are difficult to separate, such as cleavers, black-grass, and cereal volunteers, are already combated by herbicide measures and manual cleaning on site.

Rapeseed laboratory

The hybrid seed production is carried out in elaborate strip cropping with separate sowing of two parents’ components. If necessary, manual cleaning of the mother line to ensure hybridity will take place during flowering. Healthy and strong seed lots result from our set high standard of field production, furthermore seed-borne diseases are avoided. In-house certified germination laboratories ensure high quality standards. 1.5 million viable kernels - RAPOOL thus always delivers 100% performance. The process of drying, storage and cleaning are done under utmost care. Special attention is paid to a minimum size in the TSW (thousand-seed weight) as well as the lowest possible kernel size dispersion, as far as the harvested batches allow. The technical equipment of various cleaning methods (sieve cleaning, trieur cleaning, gravity table separator as well as photo separator) enable us to offer the best possible technical purity. From raw material to technical seed processing the seed is constantly subjected to internal controls; these extensive analyses are carried out by the company’s own laboratories. During season, this can quickly result in over > 20.000 analyses and tests. Of course, all seed lots are tested for Non-GMO.